Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Music Business/Law Tips - "Manager Beware - Talent Agency Act"

Managers often have no choice but to seek employment (i.e., gigs) for their new clients who are unable to attract a licensed booking agent to handle that aspect of the artist's career. However, in California there is law known as the California Talent Agencies Act [CA Labor Code 1700, et al] whereby only a licensed talent agent is legally allowed to "solicit" and/or "procure" employment for an artist. Of course, most managers are not licensed booking agents. The penalty is severe as a management agreement can be made void and all past manager commissions required to be paid back to the artist. Artist's often use this law to try to get out of a management deal and it can work even if the manager only booked 1 gig. The only safe way for a manager to get around the law is to work in conjunction with a licensed talent agency to help negotiate the deal, but let the agent make the initial call and finalize the deal. Ben McLane Esq benmclane.com

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Music Business/Law Tips - "Artist Endorsement Deal"

If an Artist is going to endorse a product or piece of gear, there are several different ways for the artist to benefit. Benefits can include some or all of the below list: (a) An up front monetary payment to the Artist. (b) Promotional posters with Artist image/logo along with the brand. (c) Promotional clothing with Artist image/logo along with the brand. (d) Promotional stage banner. (e) Reciprocal website links on the brand website and Facebook page. (g) Free product/gear. Ben McLane Esq. benmclane.com

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Music Business/Law Tips - "Joint Venture"

What is a joint venture? Its basically when 2 or more parties decide to work together on the launch of a new project and split the profits. A recent joint venture example that really explains how it works is between Warner Music Latina and Telemundo Media to promote Latin artists. Warner Latina and Telemundu have decided to work together to identify, sign and market new and established Latin talent. Warner will focus on the music side (i.e., picking songs and producing the records). Telemundo will promote the acts on its media platforms (i.e., TV and online). The partners will share equally in all related revenues, including record sales, touring and sponsorships. Ben McLane Esq benmclane.com