Sunday, August 26, 2012

Music Business/Law Tips - "Income From Commercials"

If you can get your music into commercials, you can expect to receive the following forms of income: (i) up front licensing fees, and (ii) back-end performance (BMI or ASCAP) royalties. Both the front end and back-end monies earned will depend on the size of the company, the territory of the ad, the project's budget, any terms of exclusivity or transfer of copyright, how big the artist is, etc. Note that similar to a cue sheet for a film/tv show, with music in a national ad there is a specialized reporting form that needs to be submitted to your performance rights society so that the use of your music in the ad can be tracked. Make sure the ad company does this and gives you a copy (or contact BMI or ASCAP to get their form). Ben McLane Esq

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Music Business/Law Tips - "SoundExchange"

Recording artists and labels now can get paid "digital performance royalties" from satellite radio, internet radio and cable radio play. SoundExchange is an organization that collects the above-named digital performance royalties for performers and labels. If an artist or label joins SoundExchange and lists the records that have played on/released, SoundExchange will collect and distribute these royalties. Note this has nothing to do with songwriter performance income - that is collected by BMI, ASCAP and/or SESAC. One does not have to be a songwriter to be eligible to receive SoundExchange income! But to get your share you must register at Ben McLane Esq

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Music Business/Law Tips - "Leaving Band Member"

If a there is a leaving band member, these are some of the key points to cover in any release/waiver document: - Does the leaving member maintain any ownership in the Band, or its assets (e.g., trademarks, copyrights)? - Does the leaving member maintain any past, present, or future revenues generated by the Band? - Are there any other other claims whatsoever? Ben McLane Esq