Sunday, November 19, 2017

Music Business/Law Tips - Being Your Own Music Publisher

If you are a songwriter, in order to be able to be paid all the monies you are entitled from performances of your works, it is very important to set up a "publishing" entity since you are your own publisher (at least until you do a publishing deal with a third party which may or may not ever occur). The 3 basic steps do so are as follows: 1. Choose a name. Make sure it is unique/not common. Many folks opt to incorporate their own name (e.g., John Smith Music Publishing). 2. Join a Performance Rights Society (i.e., PRO) like BMI, ASCAP or SESAC as that body will collect and pay you for your performances on radio, TV and online. Then make sure all the works are registered with the PRO so they can track and collect. Note you will also need join the PRO as a "songwriter" as well. You can register online or via regular mail. 3. Register your works with the Copyright Office for legal protection and proof of creation. You can register online or via regular mail. Ben McLane Esq