Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Music Business/Law Tips - "YouTube"

For an artist to maximize their YouTube presence they should do the following: 1. Shoot a video and upload. 2. List the artist and song title. 3. Describe the video (i.e., category = music). 4. Insert an ISRC Code in the metadata to generate a "buy" link for the song to iTunes and Amazon. 5. Enter similar popular artists names in the tags field to capture the target demographic and make it more viral. Ben McLane Esq benmclane.com

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Music Business/Law Tips - "Top 5 Success Elements"

Of course there are many factors that contribute to an artist's success, but all artist's that make it seem to have the following 5 things going for them: 1. Strong work ethic 2. Exceptional talent 3. Unique image 4. Perseverance 5. Professional team Ben McLane Esq benmclane.com

Monday, December 2, 2013

Music Business/Law Tips - "Synch Tips"

An artist can increase the likelihood of getting their music placed in film, TV and commercials if they take care of the following first: 1. Make sure to own the copyrights for both the masters and the songs embodied on the masters so there is easy licensing. 2. Make sure the music is "claim" and "sample free" (i.e., all legal issues/permissions/clearances have been worked out in advance). 3. Make sure that the person "pitching" has the authority to act as an agent (administrator) on behalf of all the copyrights. Ben McLane Esq benmclane.com