Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Music Business/Law Tips - "Band Partnership" (Part 2)

Fifth, profit splits are very important. In most cases an equal percentage of the net profits (i.e., after expenses) as well an equal division of any losses is the most equitable approach. The splits can be different, however, if certain members contribute more than others (such as songwriting, etc.).

Sixth, leaving member issues need to be anticipated. A way of handling this would be to allow a leaving member to receive the same percentage for activities he or she participated in before departing, but no percentage for any future activities of the group.

Seventh, voting is also crucial to any partnership agreement. It is probably best to provide that any band decisions - such as hiring or firing a new member, buying a piece of equipment, etc. - be approved by a majority vote. If there is a deadlock situation, this can be overcome by a third party vote (such as a manager) or by a coin flip.

Finally, every member of the group would need to sign and date the agreement.

As explained above, this is merely a guideline for some provisions that should be in a band partnership agreement. Obviously, each group situation is different and may require additional - and perhaps more complicated - terms. Although a partnership agreement might seem unnecessary when everyone is friendly and there is no money being made, if the band considers it to be like an insurance policy to prevent possible future disagreements, it can certainly make any transition in the group happen much smoother and without the threat of a lawsuit.

Ben McLane Esq

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