Monday, July 4, 2011

Music Business/Law Tips - "Raising Money" (Part 1)

Many struggling artists have the need to record some music or finance a tour, only they lack a necessary element: money. This article will explain different ways to raise capital in order to finance a project.


In this instance, the artist uses his or her own money. On the positive side, the artist will: (1) retain artistic control, (2) be free of financial obligations to a lender, (3) not be bothered with a maze of paperwork, and (4) will reap all of the monetary benefits. On the negative side, the artist will: (1) bear all of the risk, and (2) will have to be solvent enough to finance the project (which is probably not the case).


Another source of money is investment from a financial backer who can be either active or passive. An active investor will put up money and become involved in the management of the project. This type of arrangement includes a general partnership, joint venture or corporation. A passive investor will put up money but have no role in the management of the project. This type of arrangement is usually a limited partnership, and the artist has to be careful when accepting money from a passive investor because there are security law regulations which may apply. Thus, a professional should be consulted before choosing this latter route.

[part 2 next time]

Ben Mclane Esq

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