Saturday, October 8, 2011

Music Business/Law Tips - Taxes (Part 2)

C. Car. Gas, repairs, parking and depreciation are deductible in total. As an option, in lieu of deducting all the car expenses added together, an artist can simply keep track of the mileage and just take the standard per mile deduction.

D. Entertainment. Meals, drinks, etc. are 50% deductible so long as "primarily" business related.

E. Equipment. For an artist, many tools of the trade are deductible. These would include such things as musical equipment, instruments, computer, etc. Moreover, if an artist uses a portion of their home or apartment on a regular basis for business (e.g., practicing, recording, booking, etc.), that portion is deductible as a home office. This means that a percentage of the rent/mortgage and utilities are deductible. For instance, if an apartment has 4 rooms and 1 is used for business, 25%of the rent and utilities are deductible expenses.

The foregoing is only meant to give an artist an overview of potential business deductions. It is advisable to contact an accountant before filing a tax return to confirm that the artist's particular situation allows for these, or other, tax deductions.

Ben McLane Esq

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