Saturday, November 19, 2011

Music Business/Law Tips - "Video" (Part 1)

Video is a subject that is synonymous with the music business today. Essentially, the main purpose of a video is to promote a record and to help build an image for an artist, not necessarily to make an artist money. However, videos can make money for an artist indirectly because a video can increase record sales, merch sales, and help gain fans for shows. An artist can get utilize a video to get bookings, interest a manager/agent, and perhaps get a record deal. This article will discuss video as it pertains to unsigned and signed artists.

If an artist is unsigned, a full blown video is probably not the best use of resources unless: (1) the artist has a great song along with a great visual or story, (2) the artist can afford to produce a professional video, and (3) the artist can have the video broadcast to a wide audience. Traditionally, the best exposure for a video is of course MTV and similar music video sites. However, getting on MTV is next to impossible without being on a reputable label. It is possible to get on local cable programs with a well produced video. Additionally, many syndicated video and talk shows might consider a video by an unsigned artist. Of course, with the advent of YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, etc., anyone can upload an amatuer or fully produced video on the internet as well since there is no barrier/gatekeeper, and sometimes the video can go "viral" which can acheive the same end result as being on MTV (but without some promotion its like a grain of sand on the beach).

[part 2 next time]

Ben McLane Esq

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