Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Bjsiness/Law Tips - "Breaking A Record Contract" (Part 8)

A conflict of interest approach might hasten the termination of a recording agreement. At times in the music industry, because of the small number of specialized practitioners, instances occur when there might be a conflict of interest whereby one attorney will represent both the label and the artist in a contract negotiation. In such a case, an artist could postulate that he/she got a raw deal because the attorney was in bed with the label and hence the contract should be rescinded. This argument would be based on Professional Conduct Rule 3-310 which regulates avoiding the representation of adverse interests. In essence, this Rule states that an attorney shall not, without the "informed written consent of each client", represent more than one client in a manner in which the "interests of the clients potentially conflict." However, unless the contract is one of adhesion (i.e., take it or leave it/extremely one sided), it is doubtful that a court would invalidate a contract on this ground alone.

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Ben McLane Esq

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