Sunday, June 3, 2012

Music Business/Law Tip - "Sample Clearance Issues"

If you want to use a "sample" of someone else's song in your new song, you will need to approach whoever owns/control the sampled song to get permission/clearance. The following are some of the issues you will need to address: Is your new song an independent release or via a label? What is the expected release date of your new song? Will your new song be for sale or promotional only? How many copies of your new song do you plan to press/sell (physically or digitally)? Do you also plan to have your new song included in video, TV, film, commercials? What territory/ies do you plan to release your new song? And of course they will want to hear a copy of your new song so a "split" of writers/owners share in the new song can be sorted out. Ben McLane Esq

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