Thursday, February 27, 2014

Music Business/Law Tip - "Record Release Set Up"

For an indie artist to maximize their chance of success from a record (album, EP or single) release they should do the following: 1. Have the music available on all digital retail outlets/e-commerce sites (i.e., iTunes, Amazon, etc.). This can be done easily via signing up with a distributor such as TuneCore, CDBaby, Orchard or MondoTunes. 2. Have the music available on the main Streaming services, such as Spotify and/or Deezer. 3. Have a Press campaign in effect (via a PR agent or yourself) whereby the music is being serviced to the tastemaker blogs that support your style of music so it gets reviewed, and a viral buzz can start. 4. Have at least 1 video up on YouTube to support the record. 5. Make sure there is a tour or shows performed to help promote the release. 6. All of the above needs to be coordinated to happen simultaneously. Ben McLane Esq

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