Saturday, May 17, 2014

Music Business/Law Tips - "Foreign Entertainer/Artist Visa"

A foreign entertainer/artist must obtain an O1B Visa in order to legally stay and work in the US for an extended period of time. The entertainer/artist must file an O1B application with the US Immigration Office to begin the process. An O1B Visa is only granted to someone who can prove they have “extraordinary ability in the arts”, have “national or international acclaim” and a “record of prominence in his/her field.” Bottom line the Immigration Office is very strict about who they issue a Visa to (especially after 9/11), so the applicant has to be very careful with the paperwork submitted. There are lot of people trying to get these Visas who don’t really deserve them, so the applicant has to find a way to set him/herself apart from the pack so it’s clear he/she is worthy. The main thing the application needs to show is real evidence of working and making some kind of artistic/valuable contribution in the US. Normally an experienced immigration attorney who has dealt with entertainers/artists is recommended to assist with the process. Since the process can take some time, its best to apply early to make sure future plans are not screwed up by a rejection. Ben McLane Esq

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