Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Music Business/Law Tips - "Start Up"

When starting up a new entertainment business (i.e., label, publishing company, management company, band), there are a few basic business matters that should be handled: 1. Form an LLC so there is a separate business shield and tax ID # (to avoid personal liability). 2. Register the business name/brand as a trademark. This protects the business against infringers. 3. Obtain insurance. Both general liability and workers comp policies if you have employees and deal with the public. Of course there are other matters to attend to, but this is a good start to have a professional set-up. Ben McLane Esq benmclane.com


  1. These are some great tips! I never realized that an LLC was a good option for an entertainment company. I am new to all of this and the business law side of things is tripping me up. It's good to know that you can use an LLC because they seem simple to set up in most states. Thanks for sharing these tips with us! http://anthonyslegal.com.au/areas-of-law/business-law/

  2. A really very good piece of information. yes i agree LLC can be a great deal for entertainment industry and it can benefits in a lot more ways as mentioned in this discussion.