Monday, December 26, 2016

Music Business/Law Tips - "Cover Recording Tips"

If you are releasing a straight-up cover version (your own interpretation) and re-recording all the audio from scratch, you simply need a mechanical license from Harry Fox ( to release the cover. However, if you want to actually "sample" the original recording (all or in part) and sing over it, that is more complex as you have to get permission/license from whoever owns the original master and the original songwriter/publisher(s) (and sometimes it is hard to find those party/ies if it is an obscure recording, or the originator may demand outrageous sample license fees for consent). Hence, it is usually better to just re-do (i.e., make a sound-alike/copy) the sounds you want, and not have to deal with sample clearances - and with today's technology that is quite possible; just don't do a verbatim rip-off. Ben McLane Esq


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