Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Music Business Law Tips - "Major vs. Indie Record Deals"

In my years of doing deals I have discovered there are pros and cons of an artist signing with a major label versus with an independent label. Of course each artist situation is different and the factors can be negotiable case by case, but below are some of the major general differences to keep in mind: "Pro Major": (1) Bigger advance, (2) Greater promotion to mass media, (3) Perception that artist is a star; "Con Major": (1) Deal terms are longer, (2) Label takes/participates in more rights (i.e., 360 deal), (3) Artist can be a small fish in the system; "Pro Indie": (1) More chance of being a priority act, (2) Higher royalty split, (3) Can keep more rights (e.g., master license); "Con Indie": (1) Smaller advance, (2) Less promotional support, (3) Can be inconsistent due to less resources and staff Ben McLane Esq


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